November 2022 Driving Test Pass Rate.


The big question isn’t it?

The Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) launched the ‘Ready to Pass?’ campaign in 2022 as part of it’s response to the low success rates for candidates attending driving tests. There have so far been two distinct launches of the campaign. the first launch dealt with learner drivers being ready, the second on how to get best benefit from private practice.

At it’s core the campaign centres on a five step check list to help you determine if you are ready for your driving test.

The five steps are:

  • You do not need prompts from your driving instructor.
    You need to bealing with every part of driving consistently, confidently and independently. Without any prompting from your driving instructor.
  • You do not make silly mistakes while driving.
    If you are making silly mistakes that are dangerous or potentially dangerous during your driving lessons you are not ready.
  • You pass mock driving tests.
    Taking and passing mock tests with your driving instructor will help you understand if you are ready to pass.
  • You can control your nerves.
    Controlling your nerves is a really important skill for driving safely. Make sure you’ve got a plan in place to manage your nerves.
  • Your driving instructor agrees that you are ready.
    If your driving instructor says you are not ready to take your driving test, listen to them. They’re road safety experts who know what it takes to pass the driving test.

The campaign is in response to research the DVSA undertook during COVID lockdown and in the year since into the reasons unsuccessful candidates feel they failed their driving test. The numbers the DVSA have shared show the scale of the problem.


Only 53% of learner drivers felt ‘completely prepared’ for their first driving test.


Only 35% of learner drivers strongly agree they would only take their test if they felt completely safe to drive on their own.


Blame driving test nerves as the reason they failed their driving test.


Say that a silly mistake is the reason they failed their driving test.


Say the examiner marked them too harshly on their driving test and thats why they failed.


67% of parents feel that it’s harder to learn to drive now than it was when they learned.


Nick Smith is an Approved Driving Instructor working in south Sheffield. Along with automatic driving lessons, Nick is a driving test nerves specialist and offers theory support to learners. A former truck driver, Nick also presents Driver CPC periodic training courses to professional drivers.

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