Finding a learning pattern that works for you is important. Some learner drivers prefer shorter or longer lessons, others prefer to learn intensively while either family or work commitments mean that some learner drivers can’t commit to a set lesson slot a week.

Each driving instructor will have their own diary systems and policies too. This page details the various options you as a learner have for learning to drive with Nick Smith.

Learn to Drive: Weekly Assigned Lesson Slots

By far the most popular option is to book a driving lesson in a regular weekly slot. Slots are available between 0800 and 1800 Monday – Friday.


  • Suits: Learners with fixed weekly schedules.
  • Learning progresses faster. A regular lesson means that the body gets used to learning at specific times and before long, you will be in ‘learning mode’ at your regular lesson time.
  • Learning progresses faster. A regular lesson means that the body gets used to learning at specific times and before long, you will be in ‘learning mode’ at your regular lesson time.
  • You can access block booking discounts for five lesson blocks.
  • If you want to do more than one lesson a week you can do, subject to availability.
  • You can, subject to availability, secure an evening lesson slot. These are the most popular lesson slots so competition for them is very high.


  • Not suitable for: Shift Workers, those in poor health.
  • The those who are prepared to take the risk of not having a regular lesson get a slightly reduced lesson price.
  • If you need to regularly change your driving lesson, this isn’t suitable for you.

Please note that if you cancel four or more driving lessons consecutively, your lesson slot will be returned to the pool of available lessons. You may not then be able to reclaim your lesson slot.

Learn to Drive: Standby Learner

A Standby Learner is like a standby ticket holder on an airline. You get access to lower prices but you may not actually get to travel. The good news here is that you are not charged unless a lesson is actually available to you.


  • Suits: Shift Workers, those in poor health, those with no work commitments or flexible working schedules.
  • Your lessons can be scheduled week by week to accommodate your diary.
  • Your driving lesson prices are lower than for those with regular lesson slots.
  • Where occasional weekend lessons are made available you are more likely to get one as regular learners will be less likely to take a lesson outside of their normal slot.


  • Not suitable for: Those with specific availability, those looking for evening lessons.
  • It is highly unlikely you will be able to secure an evening lesson slot.
  • You may find there are weeks where there are no available lessons.
  • Learning will probably take longer.

Learn to Drive: Intensive Course

As a general rule, Nick Smith doesn’t offer intensive courses. However there are times when regular lessons are not being taken and additional availability means I can take on learners with intensive course requirements.

While the generally accepted definition of ‘Intensive Course’ is any course of lessons of more than 4 hours a week, RPS Driven School of Motoring defines an intensive course as any course lasting 8 weeks or less.

Any intensive course booking must include a 1.5 hour lesson at least 1 month before the driving lessons course and test. This lesson is to assess your driving ability and allow for us to fit in additional lessons if necessary.

As a rule, I do not offer intensive courses to learner drivers whose first contact is less than 1 month prior to their driving test.


  • Suits: Those whose working patterns mean they cannot fit with regular lesson slots who are able to take annual leave.
  • Longer lessons mean that much less time is taken up recapping and debriefing over the course of your lessons.
  • Lessons are structured to include breaks where questions can be answered, this means more of your lesson time is actually spent driving.
  • Longer lessons mean we can go further, encountering road situations not normally found in the immediate are.


  • Not suitable for: Those with limited time availability.
  • The 48 hour cancellation policy still applies, so if you have to cancel a lesson it at short notice it can get quite expensive.

Learn to Drive: Hybrid Learning

What do we mean by hybrid learning? Whilst not all learner drivers are able to take private practice, the hybrid learning model is designed to take maximum advantage for those who can.

Initially a few weekly lessons will introduce you to the controls of the car and the basic rules of driving. When we agree that you are ready to begin practicing in your own car, we move into hybrid learning.

Nick will work with you and your at home supervising driver to develop a learning plan. Hybrid learning can work in 2, 3 or 4 weekly cycles. For the first week of the cycle we will have a driving lesson in Nick’s driving school car. This lesson will introduce new areas for practice. Following the lesson we agree a practice plan for you to work on with your supervising driver in your own car on the remaining weeks of the cycle.


Nick Smith is an Approved Driving Instructor working in south Sheffield. Along with automatic driving lessons, Nick is a driving test nerves specialist and offers theory support to learners. A former truck driver, Nick also presents Driver CPC periodic training courses to professional drivers.

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