The email below has been sent to all customers of RPS Driven Electric today and details the price review carried out this month and the results.

Good afternoon everybody,

I’ve completed my six monthly price review and wanted to share the results with all my customers. The news is surprisingly good. 

While it is true that the cost of living crisis continues to put pressure on spending, as a result of steps I’ve taken to protect myself from those rises, the cost of delivering lessons has actually dropped slightly. This is mainly due to the installation of a new charger at home which means I can access cheaper tariffs for overnight charging of the car. 

The savings I’m making do to this would support my reducing the price to £56.25 for a 90 minute lesson. 

The cost of living crisis is still hitting hard in Sheffield and several of my customers have been finding it hard to pay for the regular lessons which support learning. As a result I am finding it difficult to continue maintaining a discount for the customers who can afford to buy in bulk, at the expense of those who can’t. 

Because of this, I will also be ending the bulk purchase discount when the new pricing comes in. This means I can offer a further discount on single lesson prices which will be changing from £57.50 to £55 on 01/09/2023. Bulk buyers will therefore see their lesson price increase by £0.40. 

All current customers will be charged £55.00 per lesson for lessons paid for after 01/09/2023.


Driving tests tend to take between 2 hours and 2.5 hours of my day. This means that currently I’m losing 2 lessons for one test. Recently I’e been getting multiple tests a day which as you can probably guess, is having quite an impact on my income. As a result I’ve also been forced to reconsider my pricing policy for tests.

From 1st September lessons for test days will follow the pricing below:

  • Handsworth – £80.00
  • Chesterfield – £80.00 (For learners within 10 miles of Chesterfield Driving Test Centre. £100 for those more distant.)
  • Middlewood Road – £100
  • Rotherham – £100
  • Worksop – £100
  • Doncaster/Barnsley – £120

Learners with driving tests currently booked, please message me ASAP to confirm the date, time and test centre of your driving test. You can check it on the GoRoadie app to see if it’s booked into my diary. If this booking is incorrect it needs to be amended immediately. If it isn’t, please confirm it by either email to or by text message. DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL WITH CONFIRMATION.

If you do not currently have a driving test booked but have passed your theory test, you can ask me to book your practical test for you. If you want me to book your test for you please again, let me know in writing to including any dates and times you cannot do. When I get a test booked for you, £62.00 becomes immediately payable by BACS. If the test is a Weekend or Bank Holiday, that test fee becomes £75.00. 

This is the DVSA booking cost, I make no money from this. 


Due to demand, I will be introducing weekend driving lessons from Saturday 2nd September. I will be offering 10am, 12pm, 2pm and 4pm slots on Saturdays only. 

There are two weekends left this year that I am not available. These are Saturday 9th September and Saturday 21st October, and are due to motorsport commitments. Each year I expect to have a higher than average unavailability rate on weekends. I have 7 weekends a year when I am covering British motorsport and a further 3 weekends a year when I have to cover international racing.

Frankly, this is in response to demand and not because I want to work weekends; I really don’t. However I expect these slots to be very popular and as a result I am introducing surge pricing. Saturday lessons from 02/09/2023 will be charged at £60 per lesson (£40 per hour). This pricing is also going to be introduced to the equally popular evening lesson slots of 1800 on Tuesday – Friday. 

Customers currently holding an evening lesson slot will not be subject to the price increase until 01/03/2024. This gives you six months to pass before the price of your lessons rises by £5 per lesson and in the meantime you benefit from the price reduction offered to your fellows. 

Customers who currently have lessons during the day that book an additional lesson which is in an available evening or weekend slot in GoRoadie will be charged at the higher rate. This applies even if you already have an evening slot, I’ll price protect your slot for you, but if you want an additional lesson in peak time you have to pay peak price. 

If you have any concerns please feel free to contact me. 

Kind Regards,

Nicholas Smith

RPS Driven Electric


@rpsdrivenelectric | | 07749 442629

New Prices from 1st September 2023.

As a result on the 1st of April this year prices for driving lessons will increase as follows:


Driving Lesson – 1.5 Hour Monday – Friday 10-5:30

Driving Lesson – 7.5h Block

Instructor Training – Hour

Instructor Training – Pack

Pink Licence Training

Old Price



£39.00 per hour


£32.00 per hour

New Price


No Longer Offered

£39.00 per hour


£32.00 per hour

Purchases made before the price rise comes into force will be at the old price, no refunds will be offered for purchases before the price change which are used after it.


Nick Smith is an Approved Driving Instructor working in south Sheffield. Along with automatic driving lessons, Nick is a driving test nerves specialist and offers theory support to learners. A former truck driver, Nick also presents Driver CPC periodic training courses to professional drivers.

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